Frame for A2 Print – Coloured Spacer


Hannah’s prints are perfect to add a pop of colour into your home, and what better way to elevate them even further by adding a colourful glow in the form of a neon or glitter spacer.  With our wide selection of colours to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find something that matches a colour in Hannah’s art, or you could choose a colour completely contrasting if you’re feeling something a bit different. The choice is yours!

Hanging fixtures also included.

Frame Size – 26″ x 20″ | Aperture Size – 23″ x 16″


Frames are custom made to order, & fit Hannah Carvell’s A2 Prints, please note if you are ordering for your own artwork she prints with a boarder on her A2 paper so these fit her prints but may not work if you are framing a full sheet of A2.

All frames come glazed with 2mm Anti Reflective UV10 Plexiglas Acrylic. Please do not be put off by the term ‘Acrylic’. We DO NOT use cheap styrene glazing commonly found in frames imported from the Far East and sold by budget department stores. Our standard 2mm Clear Acrylic glazing is far superior to normal glass in many ways. It is visually better than glass by offering a higher level of clarity and it also offers a far greater level of UV protection.